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Our comprehensive middle school science curriculum equips students with everything they need to create a cleaner and healthier world.

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We create unique learning experiences that engage students around solving real world problems



How do we make sure students actually understand and engage with science? Make it fun! We've designed fun into science so that students find it easier to learn and teachers find it easier to teach!

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Green Ninja Show

The Green Ninja is a climate-action superhero who fights global warming by inspiring informed personal action. Join the Green Ninja and a vibrant cast of characters as they make the world a greener, more sustainable place to live!

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We have completed a collection of videos and short articles to help teachers build their content knowledge so they can feel more confident in the classroom.

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"Hi, I'm Green Ninja!

Let’s use science and data to make a difference in our community."

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As we continue to build Green Ninja curriculum, you can join hundreds of teachers around the country who are now using Green Ninja to teach science.

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