The Green Ninja curriculum is designed from the ground up with the NGSS requirements in mind

You Get...

  • Grades 6, 7, and 8 with integrated NGSS units that blend Earth, Life and Physical Science with Engineering Design.

  • Engaging videos and games that combine science learning with environmental outcomes.

  • Easy to use lesson plans and videos that help teachers guide their students through NGSS experiences.

  • Six units that are guided by a unifying theme and include culminating projects where students solve real-world environmental problems.

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Lesson guides written by professional educators

Included with each lesson are step-by-step instructions and timing for each of the activities for the 45 minute class.

Engaging educational activities

Every unit includes various hands on activities where students explore phenomenon, collect data and design solutions.

Easy online access linked to videos and resources.

Every unit has an overview video to prepare for the upcoming lessons, activities and culminating projects.

Example units

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Why does Green Ninja work?

Reason 1

A focus on student motivation. The educational literature offers consistent findings that student motivation is a key element to learning. Green Ninja materials are designed around engaging students, through the storyline of Green Ninja to the action oriented projects that solve real world problems. Student engagement is the key.

Reason 2

Designed from the ground up using NGSS, the entire middle school curriculum was conceived and created over last three years using the preferred integrated middle school model. Our materials were developed through partnerships with university faculty at San Jose State University and California State University, Northridge and practicing teachers. By combining science and educational experts, we have developed a truly integrated NGSS middle school curriculum.

Reason 3

Green Ninja materials have been extensively tested in classrooms to understand how students' attitude about science and learning can be changed through curriculum. Our findings have demonstrated the impact that Green Ninja curriculum can have on student engagement, and how this translates into improved science competency and improved environmental outcomes.

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